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Amhara Media Corporation Vacancy 2022

Amhara Media Corporation Vacancy 2022

Amhara Media Corporation’s human resource development and management supporting work process.

Amhara Media Corporation wants to fill the vacant position below through recruitment among applicants who meet the minimum required skills.

Amhara Media Corporation (Amico) is a media established in 1993 and is accountable to the Amhara Regional Council. The purpose of the establishment of the organization is to bring the people of the region to a better state by strengthening the region’s culture, traditions, and values and creating universal intimacy. It is the media that is doing its part to bring peace and democracy to the country. In addition to Amharic, it is broadcasting in 6 languages, Khmthgna, Awigna, Tigrinya, Oromo, Arabic and English.

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